Testing Services


Photometry of Indoor, Emergency, Flood and Street Lighting Luminaires to Australian and International Standards, providing a Formal Report (PDF) and IES file, with CIE files for Street Lights. Also Classifications for Emergency Lights and Luminance / Colour for Exit Signs. Both Relative and Absolute Photometry.

Luminous Flux and Colour for all types of Luminaires, LED Modules and lamps. 


Measurements of Lamp Circuit Power (LCP) with Power Factor, Power Consumption (AEMO Load Table), Power Quality, Efficacy, Chromaticity Co-ordinates, Colour Temperature of Source (CRI), Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) and EMC (Radio Frequency Emission).

In-Situ LED temperature (ISTM) and hence Luminaire Lifetime by Lumen Depreciation Method.