LEDLab Scope of Accreditation

In general terms LEDLab can issue NATA Endorsed Test Reports for the Following:

Distribution of Luminous Intensity for all luminaires, LED modules or Lamps.
Total Luminous Flux and Colour characteristics by Sphere or Goniophotometer methods.
Power Consumption to go in non-metered Load Table for AEMO.
Emergency Luminaire, thermal, photometric and Classification for BCA.
Exit Sign, thermal, Luminance and Colour for BCA.
MEPS testing of incandescent, linear and compact fluorescent lamps and LED products.
Especially suitable for I-PART or VEET:
Safety testing to AS/NZS 60598.  Also SA/NZS TS 1158.6 for streetlights
Lamp Circuit Power (LCP)
In-Situ LED temperature test (ISTMT) including IES TM-21 calculated lifetime.

EMC Testing non-NATA.

For full details of LEDLab accreditation use the link below: